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The close of 2022 signified the end of the most tumultuous period for the crypto industry. Various ecosystems collapsed, and some shut down completely, further devastating the altcoin market. A notable concern for crypto investors was the surprise shutdown of Bankman-Frieds FTX and the sudden end of Terra–a significant player in the crypto market. Most crypto coins lost massively, some falling below $1. This list makes a compilation of 5 altcoins below $1 worth watching. 

Regarded as a game-changer owing to its utility-centered approach in web-3, TOADS stands as one of the most promising Tokens in the market selling at $0.036. DigiToads application in web-3, NFT staking features, and P2E have endeared it to crypto enthusiasts who have helped it scale heights to collect over $ 4.2 million in presale funding.

A selling point for DigiToads is its strong emphasis on the community and the length it goes to make them engaged and feel appreciated. On Twitter, it keeps the fans engaged by providing timely updates and announcements that help early adopters make quick decisions regarding their assets. It also has a prize pool, supported by the community that gives active members in different social places it owns.

NFTs are central to the growth of DigiToads, which have potential even in the early stages as owners can stake them for prizes. DigiToads has guaranteed the continuity of these prize pools by slicing 2% off any transaction in their platform. In the long run, the platform targets continuous growth and massive development in the metaverse, which will make it more resilient in turbulent moments. 

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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano‘s ADA was once in the lead in the 2021 bull market that saw it reach highs of about $3. However, since then, it has fallen below $1. Its past exploits to about $3 make it a formidable altcoin to bet on since the market is showing signs of a bull run once again.

Currently, the coin is trading at about $0.4, which is a good entry point. 

ADA’s reliability and the efficiency it provides within its network are the factors pulling in more investors, despite its recent setbacks. Cardano supports quick transactions and cheap transfers that are significant in building the applications of the future.

Audius (LYD)

AUDIO is a token that is changing the music industry by helping it align with technological shifts. The Token, trading at $0.23, is a massive bargain for investors because of the potential the music industry holds. Currently, most content requires a third party to push it to the ultimate consumer. Audius, the platform behind the Token, seeks to eliminate the middleman and make the creators enjoy the proceeds of their music.

The massive reach of the music industry and the potential takeover of web-2 by web-3 are the factors that keep Audius going.

Audius investors have continued to help facilitate the direct links between musicians and their fans via the blockchain. The ecosystem, if well funded, can easily integrate the music scene into web-3, which promises to be the future of the internet. AUDIO currently trades at about $0.2427, but if the project grows alongside other web-3 projects, it can easily trade higher. 

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a platform that seeks to eliminate the dominance of traditional players in international banking, which created massive inequality in the way money flows around the world. Its platform promises a seamless way of sending money instantly to various places in the world without having to go through a lot of paperwork as it happens in the normal banking industry. 

The company seeks to consolidate the demand for interbank services across borders to grow XRP from its current $0.29, which performed moderately well until the markets started retreating in 2022. However, as a long player in the crypto industry, existing since 2012, Ripple is a company that investors can bet on owing to its experience. 

Nonetheless, the company has recently come under scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission. If it wins the legal proceedings, currently in court, then its native coin will surge in value.

Polygoner (MATIC)

MATIC has weathered the crypto storm and remained fairly steady at about $0.8 as others in its class performed badly. The Token owes its resilience to the services Polygon provides for the Ethereum network that is seeking to improve its blockchain to rival newcomers that have given it a decent run in terms of competition. 

Polygon has often been at the center of attention because of the considerable projects that make it relevant. It offers integration solutions, scaling services for blockchain networks, and diverse developer activities.

MATIC stability will continue to depend on Polygon’s appeal in the crypto industry, which might increase many times due to the tremendous demand for Web-3 services.

The altcoin space has a lot of potential. Real-world utility is seemingly the trend in the space currently that is noticing a lot of movements due to new entrants. DigiToads stands as a formidable asset for investors. Its potential is the utility services it has chosen to offer to align with others in its class.

The massive presale fronted by DigiToads is the perfect opportunity for new investors looking for a coin proving to stand firm in the burgeoning crypto space.

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